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Primary Monkeys will get you started. Here you can find info on all of them.

Dart Monkey

Dart Monkey

  • Cheap and reliable
  • Necessary for C.H.I.M.P.S mode on several maps
  • Offers excellent mid game performance with the primary training village or alchemists
  • Has a unique monkey knowledge to get 2 of the same 5th teir tower
  • Poor late game performance
  • Fanclub ability has huge downtime and is no more efficient than buying 0-0-0 super monkeys, it also takes up huge amounts of space.
  • Top upgrade path is redundant
  • Crossbows are generally useless, infact the only viable option is 0-3-2 or 2-3-0 depending on circumstances, this tower lacks variety, and that's not fun.

Tack shooterTack Shooter

  • Exceptional value for money on base upgrades
  • Ability is incredible for its price
  • All varieties of the tower are useful (perhaps sparing 0-2-3+)
  • Provides some of the best value for money when paired with primary training
  • Lack of camo detection
  • 3-2-0 tack shooters are painfully bad while waiting on the 4th teir
  • Loses potential after round 80
  • Blade shooter is punished for crosspathing with the ability in mind

Boomerang MonkeyBoomerang Monkey

  • Glaive Ricochet is incredibly powerful for a low price and can pop lead with the optimal crosspath
  • MOAB press is cheap and pumps out tons of MOAB damage, its even good against DDTs with a camo village
  • MOAR glaives is just incredible.
  • Middle path is quite effective against MOABs, dealing 3 base damage with the optimal crosspath (for against MOABs)
  • Poor ability
  • Lackluster performance after round 80
  • Somewhat useless before getting a 3rd teir upgrade
  • Middle path needs lots of buffs to be effective, and is overpriced

Bomb shooterBomb Shooter

  • Cluster bombs (and recursive cluster) both offers the single greatest source value for money group damage the game can offer.
  • Moab eliminator ability deals 10,500 damage when paired with striker jones against the B.A.D
  • Bloon crush is rather obscene against grouped blimps
  • The heavy bombs upgrade makes cluster bombs a generalist tower, good against everything.
  • Needs a MIB (or camo village with Striker Jones) to pop bloons
  • Will struggle heavily in the early game
  • Moab maulers... aren't the best
  • This tower is quite poor before 3rd teir upgrades.

Ice monkeyIce Monkey

  • Great help for round 63
  • Can slow unlimited numbers of Bloons with the middle path, and a MIB allows the ability to stall MOABs cheaply
  • Good group popping power in the early game
  • Permafrost is very handy for round 76, should you need a hand with it.
  • Tower is redundant before 5th teirs
  • Middle path 5th teir is out performed by 4th teirs and a MIB
  • Top path is only really useful when paired with other 5th teirs, and is very circumstantial
  • Icicle impale needs a MIB to pop DDTs with the optimal crosspath.

Glue GunnerGlue Gunner

  • Moab glue is a lifesaver on double health MOABs, chimps and more
  • Glue hose can stall an enormous amount of Bloons!
  • Relentless glue is very effective for the price
  • The disolver path offers great DPS, though is somewhat expensive.
  • 5th teir punishes the optimal crosspath for the 4th teir
  • The ability is just terrible, why does it exist like this, thankfully glue storm got a nice buff to be usable.
  • Top path upgrades are exceptionally expensive
  • The tower is really a support tower, and isn't very good on its own

Primary is so good infact, that it is what you should focus Monkey Knowledge on. Get to the Bottom-most upgrade and you should be good to go.